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Every day, thousands of businesses struggle to earn traffic and conversions because they have not put in place the necessary SEO strategies to make the search engines love them.

This causes high levels of frustration and a strong desire to stop doing business online. But what if? What if you could make your site easily accessible to search engines and therefore have more visitors?

Designplex can help you overcome these obstacles and optimize your website. With our SEO processes, we ensure your website has the required level of search engine friendliness to compete in your market.

The SEO process has a set of rules you can apply...

Make your website easier for search engines to index your website and understand your content better.

The rules are simple.

1. Be relevant and informative
2. Convey your message clearly
3. Create a website which is easily navigable
4. Use keywords effectively
5. Link your pages to build a reliable navigation structure
6. Promote your site using the right strategies
7. Be unique
8. Incentivize users to visit your site
9. Become an expert in your niche
10. Be consistent
11. Be bold
12. Be different

Brand Awareness

Visible online is vital for any business, however it is a reality that everyone wants to rank first page. Our SEO strategies help businesses rank higher using organic search results.

With techniques, tools and expertise across all digital media, DesignPlex's SEO consultants help you scale your digital marketing through SEO strategies. Save your search odyssey and get to the top of Google. Our experts can give you everything you need to dominate SEO in your industry.

Customized SEO Strategy Built around your Business

Our laser-focused SEO services cut the clutter and get you results!
We place a strong emphasis on reporting and analytics – making our performance easy-to-read and understandable.

Stop losing customers to slow landing pages with better design and optimized website

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), getting your website to rank higher and higher in organic search engine results is mission-critical for business success. Reaching the first page for your most important keywords AND staying there is key to success. our consultants are able to guide you on the fundamentals of SEO, including UX, as well as technical implementation, all tailored to your business objectives and market.

Increase Organic Traffic

Some of the services provided are: Rank tracking, on page optimization via natural and smart SEO techniques, product link building, video and social media marketing, helping businesses to setup their social media presence.

Wide Range of SEO Services

Our services will give you the boost that your online business needs, even if your product offers are limited. We make sure that you are seen by the customers, and can ensure your prospective customer will be aware of your product offerings.

SEO Improvement Strategy

A custom SEO strategy, implemented and enhanced over time, to increase listings. Professional SEO audits help identify the gaps in your website's performance. Tools used will include Google´s Search Console, analytics tools, etc.

Bespoke SEO Strategy

We want our clients to fully understand the results and how our efforts are impacting them

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and satisfy your customers? Then the work we do for your website is vital to your business. Our bespoke SEO strategies with expertise behind content, UX and design to create a holistic algorithm dependent web strategy. We offer focused website services for your SEO that saves you time and money on your marketing.

Looking for a Free SEO Audit?

We do in-depth competitive analysis of your online presence to fill out what you’re missing and what you need to do immediately. We have a considerate and able team to supply you the great lead that will grow your business. It's FREE!!!

Plans and Pricing

We scale our search engine optimization services to fit your needs. And unlike every other SEO company we only charge you for the work that is done. Pay in one lump fee and rest, the search engine optimization is properly managed by us and your success if guaranteed.

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Activity (hrs.)/Month

SEO Strategy (0.5), Onsite Changes (1), Citations (0.5), Blog post creation (1), Backlink opportunities (0.5), Report (0.5) = 4 Hours
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Activity (hrs.)/Month

SEO Strategy (1), Onsite Changes (1), Citations (1), Blog post creation (1), Backlink opportunities (1), Report (1) = 6 Hours
*prices in USD

*Regular $499.99